How to Create with Thought

What is the Secret to Law of Attraction?

To attract anything into your life, you need to remember that, “Your mind thinks in pictures not words.”  That’s it!  Words help you communicate with yourself and others but if it’s feelings you want to create, do it through pictures by using your imagination.  Your IMAGINATION holds the key. You can use your imagination to put you in the actual location of your thoughts. This will be ever so more powerful if you engage the other senses such as smell, taste, texture. By using your imagination, all of these are available to you in a moment’s notice. Picture the following statement:

I am standing on a dock, with the smell of salt in the air as a gentle cool breeze caresses my sun soaked face. (There is great power in the words: “I AM”)Girl on Dock

Can you put yourself in the picture? Not seeing yourself there but actually BEING there. Can you hear the sounds of seagulls overhead?  Does the sun feel warm on your face? Can you taste the salty air?  What are you now FEELING as a result?

Dream It, Believe It, Feel It. Then Achieve It!

Let go of the “how”. Your mind will try to jump to, “how is this going to happen?” Focus on “feeling it real in the moment” and forget about the how.

External conditions have no effect on how you choose to live your life. Take it one step further; there are no external conditions but only the projections of one’s own beliefs. Change your beliefs, change your world. Have fantastic beliefs, have a fantastic life.

Tips to Praying Effectively 

Jesus taught, “So I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.”

So many of us treat prayer like a vending machine. Put in the wish and wait for it to pop out.

At every singular moment of your day, you are in creation of your future. Pay attention to what you are currently thinking. It’s like you are painting a picture of your future self. What do you want to have, be, and feel, as your truths. Feel them now and stay consistent. Your past is irrelevant. It brought you to where you are now. Today, at this moment in time, is your easel to paint your future.

I need to share a story with you from my own life at this point.

My wife and I have been successful at creating a business that enabled us to work from home for many years. Back in 2000, there was a change that took place in the company that resulted in a sudden drop in our income. We were really at a lost as to what to do. At the time, my wife and I owned a small 725 square foot condo rental property just outside Washington DC. This property was acquired in the early 90’s for $90,000. We furnished it, and because of the furnishings, we were able to keep it occupied by tenants for a many years. At this point, we were in a rental property ourselves but really wanted to have our own home. We made a clear picture of what our house was to look like and the qualities we wanted to have in it.

Four bedrooms, one for sleeping, one for guest, and the other two to be converted for home office space as we both worked out of our home. We both decided that we wanted a Cape Cod style home and we really wanted to be on, or at least, near the water. We also decided that we wanted to live in an area that is less congested with a small town feel and a warmer climate than the Washington DC area. We got very clear on this image in our minds.

One day, we received a package from my wife’s mother and in it she had placed one of those little Real Estate books showing homes in her area of North Carolina. We always felt peaceful whenever we traveled to North Carolina and we were amazed at the prices of property when compared to prices around the DC area. This led us into an investigation of the area and we decided to visit her parents just to get a feel for the idea. I’ve always loved the water so after returning to DC, I looked at a map and determined the closest body of water to her parents was in a town called New Bern. Home of the famous writer Nicholas Sparks, although I have to admit, I had no idea who he was at the time.

After doing some research on the internet, we saw some homes and read about the area. It sounded perfect. But making a move like this and purchasing a home, given our current state of finances, seemed impossible. We had no real savings and our monthly income had dropped quite a bit.

Let Go Let God

I went out to the side yard to throw a ball for our dog and I totally released the entire scenario to a higher authority. I felt very humbled and lost. I just kept that image and dream in my mind. When I returned to the house, my wife showed me a newsletter from the community where our rental property was located. To our surprise, recent sales of properties just like ours had more than doubled in value. The housing boom of the decade was hitting the Washington DC area and real estate prices were beginning to soar. We decided to make a road trip to New Bern. Picked out some homes and contacted a realtor for a fact finding mission.

We arrived in New Bern on a Friday. After touring the city and seeing a few homes our excitement was through the roof. Even though the prices were jumping in the DC area, the boom had not taken hold yet in the little southern town. We toured a few homes and by Sunday night we had a signed contract on a beautiful Cape Cod with more amenities than we even dreamed about. The contract was contingent on the sale of our condo so when we returned to DC, we promptly put it on the market. It sold in three days for above asking list price “sight unseen”.

We had our home!

It all started with getting a clear image and feeling it as though it had ALREADY HAPPENED! The amazing thing is that the entire process, once in motion, felt effortless and every door before us opened easily as if guided by an unseen positive energy. Looking back, both my wife and I were very clear that it was a DONE DEAL! The funny thing is, a couple of years after our move I purchased a sailboat that originally had the name Dunn Deal. I have since renamed it “Seabiscuit” after the horse from the movie we saw just after moving in to our new home.

Positive Mental Attitude Tips

What keeps so many people stuck is focusing their attention on what they don’t want. Remember, you are ALWAYS manifesting. You can’t stop it. So, if you are focusing on things you don’t want, what will you get?

Everyone is affected by 3 sources.

  1. What you are currently feeding your mind at any given moment or your input. This includes anything you are reading, doing, or watching.
  2. The people you hang around and associate with on a regular basis.
  3. Wherever you are physically at a given moment of time. In other words, your surroundings.


What voice do you hear and pay attention to? The voice of Spirit or the voice of ego?  Your intuition (Spirit) will usually come to you first then your ego will bring doubts and fears. This is where the “logical” mind comes into play. A great quote by the mid 20th century writer, Fulton Oursler says, “Many of us crucify ourselves between two thieves, regret for the past and fear of the future.” 

Let go of self talk that is self defeating. Try to remember that the blame game has no winners. you can take your power back by taking 100% responsibility.

As your brain searches through the files of your mind for similar items or experiences to the one in your current thoughts, any learned evidence to alert you to a possible issue or danger will quickly rise up. It’s just the way that we are wired. This goes back to our ancestors with a “flight or fight” response to keep you from danger.


Try to remember that “Spirit” always comes from peace whereas “Ego” always comes from fear. One could not exist without the other to define it. The important point for our conversation is if you are mentally responding or reacting. When you respond to something, you bring the power of Spirit with you, whereas when you react to something, your ego loves to jump in the game first!

Have you ever noticed that when you are in an argument, particularly with your spouse, child, or someone close to you, that it can spiral up out of nowhere and feel out of control rather quickly. Your ego is loving this but your probably not making any points with the other person. A goal here is to try to consciously become aware of your own feelings as the conversation continues. What past events are` fueling your emotions? Is it relevant? Can you change your thoughts to get back to a feeling of peace.

When I feel this beginning to happen to me, I try to remember to give up my need to always be right and just breath. Deep rhythmic breaths can do wonders to calm your emotions and return your ability to respond instead of a quick reaction. Trust me, your outcome to the situation will be immensely improved just by breathing a few breaths before releasing your next words.

There is an old Chinese proverb that says: “One moment of patience may ward off great disasters. One moment of impatience may ruin an entire life.”

The Power of Gratitude

Are you unhappy with something in your life right now?  Job, paycheck, spouse, children, maybe your sex life, health, finances, your future?

Is it your wish to bring more unhappiness into your life? What you think about you bring about.

Your point of power to change anything exist in this very moment. Instead of dwelling on things that make you unhappy, how about focusing on everything that you are grateful for in your life. Are you eating, breathing, able to walk, run, jump? More on gratitude here.

Here’s a tip to change your feeling at any given moment. Try this right now. Simply SMILE! Now keep smiling until you FEEL a change come over you. It will happen, just let it. Even if you feel ridiculous at this moment smiling to yourself, then simply smile at that feeling.One beautiful smile

Did you know that the simple act of smiling has been proven to reduce stress enhancing hormones in the body. It has been shown to change the emotional content in your brain by triggering happy thoughts. According to one study, it can actually extend your life!

A smile can change the mood of an entire group of people in an instant. It is one of the most contagious things you can do to improve the moods of everyone around you! The smile in the picture to the right was the very first thing I saw when I met my wife, Susan. It changed my world forever. Make it a goal to change someone’s life today with your own smile. You possess that incredible power right now.